Sports Podiatry

TSP use digital technology as well as hands-on assessments to analyse the function of the foot & leg and the effect that it has on the rest of your body.

Initial Appointment – Biomechanical Assessment

An initial consultation provides an opportunity to gain a full medical history, perform a biomechanical assessment including gait analysis & muscle/joint testing, make an accurate diagnosis and implement a management plan to suit your individual needs.

Video treadmill analysis

During the initial consultation your podiatrist will conduct a number of foot & lower limb assessments to help identify any biomechanical abnormalities. This includes joint range of motion, muscle and ligament testing, footwear assessment and gait analysis.

TSP will utilise video treadmill analysis to assess your walking and/or running gait. Our digital software allows slow-motion video feedback to be displayed, demonstrating the function of your feet, ankles, knees and hips and identifying any altered gait patterns.

Review Appointment

This appointment is designed for therapy services that are part of your management plan including exercise prescription, foot mobilisation, dry needling, ongoing footcare, taping, and orthotic fitting or reviews.

TSP has HICAPS facilities available for on-the-spot claims from Private Health Funds.

TSP prides itself on providing a holistic approach to podiatry care, incorporating a number of podiatry techniques tailored to each individual to ensure optimal injury management. These treatment techniques include:

Orthotic Therapy

Following a thorough biomechanical assessment your podiatrist can advise if you would benefit from foot orthotics and which type would best suit your particular activity and foot type.

Foot orthotics are not necessary for everyone with a foot and lower limb injury, but when indicated can be an extremely effective treatment option to alter excessive stress and load to injured tissues.

At TSP orthotics are incorporated with other therapies including muscle stretch and strengthening programs, manual therapy including dry needling or manipulation, foot & ankle taping, training advice and/or footwear education.

Depending on individual requirements, TSP offers affordable custom, semi-custom or pre-made orthotics.

3D Laser Orthotics provide the latest in custom orthotic design and technology. They are fabricated using a high performance flexible & extremely lightweight material to ensure superior comfort & support.

The 3D laser camera captures an exact image of the shape and structure of your foot. This 3D image is then sent to an orthotic lab with a highly individualised prescription form to manufacture a custom orthotic that fits your foot perfectly.

Semi-Custom & prefabricated orthotics are also available & can be modified on the spot in TSP’s onsite lab to achieve a more customised fit. These orthotics are ideal for certain foot types and parents who are after a more affordable option for their child’s ever growing feet.